2013 was Our Diamond Jubilee 60th Year!

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The Small Boat Club, formed in 1953 by Arthur Rowbottom
and Jacko Jackson.

In 1960 the members were able to lease Steven’s Ait from Thames Conservancy (the forerunner of the body now called the Environment Agency). Whilst sailing boats and their owners were part of the club initially, The Small Boat Club is now exclusively orientated around powered craft, although some members still keep skiffs and kayaks.

The Club boathouse was destroyed by fire in August 1993. Re-building was organised and funded by the members and the new boathouse was formally opened by Dorothy Jackson and DR Mark Warner of the ATYC in June, 1996.

Kingston Borough Council granted SBC permission for the club to erect and have exclusive rights to a jetty / landing stage, located on the tow path on the Surrey side. This has been operational since May 1984.

The current longest unbroken membership stands at 36 years; the newest is counting
in weeks.

The words “Ait” and “Eyot” (both pronounced like ‘eight’) mean the same. Both spellings are old English defining “a small island or islet mostly found in rivers.” There is some debate as to which should suffix our island home.

The Small Boat Club has evolved over the years – the next 50 years will see further change, driven as ever, by what members want and how they wish the club to evolve.